Ready Player One

Ready Player One ★★

This might be Spielberg’s worst film.

The movie starts with a 10-15 minute narration of setting the scene and it is a whole lot of telling not showing. What follows is another 2 plus hours of cringe worthy references and failed attempts at humor that are broken up by some actually pretty decent action set pieces. The issues with the action scenes are the references that are suppose to play out like cheer worthy moments but they mean nothing in the context of the film. It’s character development by pop culture references. 

The CG is legitimately good. Spielberg has been around this block and he knows how to make a vision a reality. It’s a shame recent, great movies can’t make their CG this good in 2018(looking at you Black Panther). 

The script is really problem number one here, jokes fall completely flat, even to the type of people who cheer when a Gundam shows up. I didn’t laugh once. The dialogue is so clunky I can only assume that Spielberg’s passion was really with making The Post that he didn’t send this script back for a punch up. If I had known Ernest Cline(writer of the novel) had written this script I probably would have passed on seeing it. If only I had googled before RSVPing to this screening.

It does improve on the book, since instead of a page and half explaining all the pop culture refrences in the main characters car, it’s done in a simple Spielbergian shot. But this really isn’t saying much.

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