Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell ★★★½

"Ghost in the Shell" is awesome. It is one of a microscopic count of live-action or cinematic adaptations of source material that not only is actually good but is on par with the original work. If you love this film or hate this film, it is simply wrong not to recognize the extreme ambition that went into this film, especially in the visuals. "Ghost in the Shell" has some amazing cinematography and use of in-frame color that is hard to not recognize. The fx work, sets, angle choices, atmosphere, universe construction, makeup, compositional designs, and lighting are nothing short of breathtaking, which really brings an unreached level of convincing such a fictional world to feel so real. The music by Clint Mansell is very well-done and also helps the tone from the visual storytelling keep a strong footing in the presentation. The acting feels mechanically textured, which strongly complements the overarching feeling that the world around Major is just as robotic as her shell is. The action sequences are all incredibly well-realized, especially in terms of choreography and camera placement, and speaking of incredibly well-realized, "Ghost in the Shell" is necessary to see in 3D. If you take your glasses off at any time in the film, you can see layer upon layer upon layer of depth and lapsing focal length to have every object in-frame have a distinct personality, which is really quite a feat in itself. There are also some moments with horror-esque imagery and some moments with an emotional resonance that really were effective. I seriously can not recommend this film enough. It is an auteurist cyberpunk mindfuck of a film, drowning in stylization and color. 7/10.