Big Sur

Big Sur ★★★★★

Thought I'd try to write a review for this film in a stream of consciousness style and already that idea seems to be wasted here. I've always found it hard to dig into Kerouac's writing because sometimes it never stops and goes on and on and on and there's no room for breathing and way too many ands and not enough periods. But with this film I feel like his writing wasn't written for me or for you or for anyone but Kerouac himself. It was him as a vessel of words and he let them drip and trickle and sometimes they flowed without abandon and sometimes they meant nothing but more often than not they held strange meaning, meaning that others have come to understand. So where I've had trouble with staying focussed on his writing, this film has lent something to it by accompanying Kerouac's thoughts with gorgeous displays of a natural landscape screaming freedom. There is music here too and it helps, it explains, it adds to the emotional depth the visuals are conveying. And Kerouac's stand-in is made to act through his narration moreso than by actually talking and he does so with bravado reading every line in such a staccato way that is actually reminiscent of the man he is emulating. My expectations for this film were low and mostly based on my inability to sink into Kerouac's style which I admire for its creativeness but despise for my own inability to connect all of the strands of thought. And of all of Kerouac's books, Big Sur would seem to be one with the least interesting visual associations. But this film found the right tone and the right visuals and when you add these visuals and an amazing score, it's hard not to be emotionally overwhelmed by it all. It blew me away and made me long for such a freeing experience to consume my life, my soul, and make me feel less out of touch with everything and everyone around me.