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  • RoboCop
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  • Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Singin' in the Rain

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  • Dune


    So I read the first book back in High School and didn't like it very much. I did like some of the weirdness, but I was more a fan of Asimov, Clarke, Niven and Heinlein at the time, and still am. I saw the Lynch version, and although the movie is terrible, it's got some awesome weird qualities to it. I saw the SciFi mini series, and thought it was pretty rough. Didn't care for it either.

    Villeneuve's version just…

  • Malignant


    The first 5 minutes of this movie, I was certain I was watching a movie within a movie, but nope -- its that bad through and through. Seriously, there is a night to day time jump in this movie that is so jarring, it'd make Ed Wood wince.

    And Jesus Christ is this tripe predictable. It's so tedious waiting for the characters to catch up to the "twist" that was telegraphed in the first couple of minutes of the movie.…

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  • Boyhood


    If NASA is to ever launch another Voyager probe into space, a chunk of metal and plastic shot out of our heliosphere and propelled into the ort cloud, a vessel crafted by mankind that will forever float somewhere in the vast emptiness of space, a infinitesimally tiny treasure trove that will remain long after our sun expands and consumes our little planet, BOYHOOD should be placed on that spacecraft, since it is the finest and truest testament of the human experience.

  • Tootsie


    The more appropriate alternative title: Mansplaining Feminism.

    Turns out, all that women needed all along was for a dude to dress up as a woman and show them how to be a real woman and stick up for themselves.

    I hate this movie with the burning hate of a thousand suns. I don't know what elements of this movie grinds against my nerves the most.

    Perhaps it's the fucking discordant elevator muzak that serves as its score. It is the…