Beanpole ★★★★★

Some scenes never leave you...ever. That is fine with me. Fims can be dark, heavy and just downright depressing. I think alot of people may feel that way in this instance but I couldn't help feeling overwhelmed by being seen, like my pain was not exactly the same, especially the circumstances ofcourse, but it hit an emotional core of pain I have never fully seen realized, as artistically brought to life as it was here. There is a tenderness and rage to the silence. My eyes well up even writing this now. Everything pops to life in this shakey devastating darkness, how I feel a mantis shrimp, with its technicolor eyes, may feel at the bottom of the mariana trench looking around to flashing lights of devil fish as the pressure consumes it until it cracks opens to the freedom of the here after. Sometimes survival is all that it takes to find one connection in the dead cold. I felt the connection, as tears streamed, it felt strangely hopeful.

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