The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★½

It's a no brainer that Jodorowsky is quite the visionary director, The Holy Mountain is full of images that only he could come up with. I am not going to even attempt to understand this film or what most of the symbolism in the film meant. The sheer fact that this film is an experience to behold with said images, disturbing and wild imagination definitely run. It's definitely an experience and one that anyone will never soon forget. I mean, how could you not with such nightmarish moments. Surrealism and vivid also come to mind as does shocking and sacrilegious but I also really felt that the philosophical part of the film really spoke to me. Especially the part before going into the mountain, all the false idols the disciples come across spouting their nonsense "I can climb the mountain, watch me go through the wall but I can only do it horizontally". It's a piece of art on screen, most of the time not making any sense but totally making sense at the same time, Jodorowsky is an acquired taste which I have come accustomed to.

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