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  • Wildling



    A chick-flick about magical, mysterious creatures called Wamens... I mean wildlings that “can’t be tamed” by all the evil mans of the world, except for the beta-simp that she lets help create another magical wildling.

  • The Wild World of Batwoman

    The Wild World of Batwoman

    The movie wasn’t good, but it’s fun to laugh at the way people danced in the old days, and this movie had a lot of 60’s go-go dancing, which just looks like a bunch of jerky, body spasms. Fascinating.

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  • Avengers Grimm: Time Wars

    Avengers Grimm: Time Wars


    Bad like an episode of Nostalgia Critic, but with a good camera and without Doug Walker’s annoying, Grover from Sesame Street sounding voice.

  • The Milpitas Monster

    The Milpitas Monster


    MilpitASS Monster would have been a better film title. I live in San Jose, right next to MilpitASS, I call it that because most of the time that town smells like methane. Another fun fact about milpitASS, the movie “River’s Edge” was loosely based on a crime that happened in Milpit-ASS.