Apocalypse Now ★★★★½

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning!"

I struggle to give this such a high rating considering I watched the Redux cut. But I'm making the decision to base this off of what is clearly an amazing film that for some reason has bloated extra material. For those wondering it's essentially two main additions, neither of which added anything and only bogged the movie down. 

I found the story itself captivating and the buildup to meeting Kurtz is what kept me watching. Loved so many of the visuals and hope to watch this with something better than a DVD player someday soon. 

The Vietnam War is filled with it's complexities and I feel like Apocalypse Now does a solid job of showing the wild/dark side of war. The highlight of this has to be the sequence with Dennis Hopper forcing the men to surf while the coast is in the midst of being bombed. Ultimately it's the grey area of good/evil that makes Vietnam such a ripe subject for filmmaking and this one sits up there with the best. 

Note to self: Actually finish Ken Burns Vietnam so you can understand the actual conflict. 

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