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  • Mid90s



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    MoviePass actually worked for me again, yay!

    Overall, good film. Hilarious at moments, yet also profoundly sad. The main character, Stevie, makes a bunch of horribly stupid decisions, yet remains empathetic, as we see from the beginning that he has a good spirit. For example, he takes the time to write down the CDs his brother has to be sure to get him one he doesn't own yet for his birthday. A nice "Save the Cat" moment there, especially as…

  • Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    Hunt for the Wilderpeople


    Hilarious, enjoyed it very much!

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  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    While the suspenseful moments were decent, the film ultimately did not work for me at all.

    Firstly, the premise left a lot of questions. I imagine it was trying to be artsy by leaving out any explanations of where these super-eared monsters came from and how the family copes with simple everyday tasks that make noise, like flushing the toilet or sneezing, but it comes across as the writers just being lazy. Also, where do they get food, electricity, clothes,…

  • Arrival



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Ugh, I hated this movie. Some very interesting ideas, but it was too slow and ultimately went absolutely nowhere. One thing I don't understand is: Why are they all freaked out when the aliens use the word "weapon"? How the heck did they learn that word if it wasn't used before?

    My biggest reason for loathing this film, however, is its ending. It's one of those stupid saved-by-self-from-the-future deus ex machina endings. Aside from not making any real sense as…