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  • Ratchet & Clank

    Ratchet & Clank


    It's definitely not as bad as everyone's been making it out to be, but as a fan of the series, even I can admit that it's pretty unexceptional. Though the same people who developed the games had involvement in the production, it's surprisingly lacking a lot of the wit and charm that have made these games so memorable.

    Instead, the movie plays everything incredibly safe, and the irreverent, self-aware approach that the original game (and even the new game) took…

  • Unfriended



    Well....that was really stupid. It's hard to be scared by a movie that's constantly throwing logic out the window, with most of that logic having to do with how Skype works. Nothing that happens with the "ghost" Skype account makes any sense, there are tons of inconsistencies that break immersion, and they expect you to ignore all of that for the sake of the "story". I honestly find that pretty insulting, and to me that comes across as lazy filmmaking.…

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  • The Lego Movie

    The Lego Movie


    Where do I even begin with The LEGO Movie? It's an ingeniously written comedy, with stellar voice work, jaw-dropping animation, and incredible comedic timing. It's also a clever deconstruction of it's own conventions, taking awareness of it's tropes, making fun of them, and all the while embracing them. And within this deconstruction, it can be surprisingly profound with it's commentary, and it managed to be more heartfelt than I ever anticipated. Entering this movie with high hopes, it managed to exceed expectations, and overtime I can see this ranking as one of my personal favorite animated movies.

  • Vampires Suck

    Vampires Suck


    One of the most painful movie-going experiences of my life!