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  • My First Film

    My First Film


    Oh brother. I thought this was really really great. Zia is hilarious. This was so funny so sad so smart so beautiful so thrilling. 

    I saw a rough-cut of her first feature years ago, the one she eviscerates with wrecking-ball hindsight in this piece, and I thought it was good! This performance made great fodder for embarrassed and nostalgic bouts of self-examination afterward. Her projects, my own, the limbos they come to rest in, passage of time, everything everything. 


  • The Moon-Spinners

    The Moon-Spinners

    Hayley Mills and a Cheetah. Those were the only two things I remember from seeing this as a child back in 1964. VHS with Katie.

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  • Dudes


    Letterboxd image for this one is dicey. Movie is much better than the cactus t-shirt motif would suggest.

    Lee Ving is good and vicious as main foe. Flea was a sweetheart.

    Movie Madness VHS.

  • I Don't Know

    I Don't Know

    Didn't realize the female lead was Penelope's sister until I heard someone mention it in the lobby afterward. No wonder she got such intimate/intense stuff. Another long bath-tub scene -- revealing, sad and warm. Doesn't feel like a 46 year-old movie.

    "I've had my nose broken four times."