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    Josh Larsen

    Josh Larsen ★★★★

    Madhabi Mukherjee, so wonderful in Ray’s The Big City, once again proves she’s capable of conducting a three-act drama in a single close-up. There is a scene in a garden in which Charulata watches Amal while she sits on a swing. As Ray provides suggestive insert shots – of the leaves on a bush, a neighbor woman with her child, Amal – Mukherjee’s expression takes us on a journey from thoughtfulness to excitability to possibility to hesitation, all without a word.

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    Brighid ★★★★★

    I have never fell so deeply in love with a performance since Alia in Highway and Meena Kumari in Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam. The profound sadness and ferocity of women who ache to be loved in the way they deserve...this feeling seems to be pressed into my bones.

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    laird ★★★★½

    Love comes and goes like a storm. Ray insists on staying on a face, even if the person to whom that face belongs happens to be swinging or experiencing profound, nearly hallucinogenic inspiration. "I'll make you a journal," then plop, the journal lands in the scene and time has seamless and magically passed. Things don't fall apart, but the damage is done. Wonderfully melancholy.

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    Pierre Lachaine

    Pierre Lachaine ★★★★★

    Charulata m'a traversé la tête, le cœur et le corps en entier comme un immense frisson. J'ai passé deux heures à me pâmer devant la beauté et la finesse de cette broderie qui se déployait devant mes yeux éblouis. Je n'ai pas de mots pour décrire la si belle et si touchante Madhabi Mukherjee. Elle est carrément en état de grâce. À l'instar du grand directeur photo Subrata Mitra dont le moindre mouvement de caméra, le moindre cadrage semble pénétrer à pas feutrés dans l'âme des personnages. C'est l'oeuvre d'un grand, d'un très grand cinéaste au sommet de son art. On appelle ça d'habitude un chef-d'oeuvre.

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    Edgar Cochran

    Edgar Cochran ★★★★½

    Ray made an extensive historical research in order to reconstruct 19th Century India and the idle, opulent lifestyle of the upper class in Charulata, considered by Ray himself to be his best film.

    Filmed masterfully like a disciple of Max Ophüls with a camera that omnisciently masters all rooms, all corridors, all corners and perfectly captures assaulting close-ups of the characters in order to reveal their thoughts amd feelings, Charulata slowly develops a relationship between Charu, a wife that declares…

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    Adam Cook

    Adam Cook ★★★★

    Charulata (aka The Lonely Wife) is often considered Satyajit Ray’s greatest film with even the director himself proclaiming it as his favourite. It therefore comes with exceedingly high expectations, expectations the film didn’t quite manage to match. That is not to suggest this is a poor or inferior work of art, simply that I have enjoyed some of the director’s other films more.

    The film explores a forbidden relationship between a lonely wife and her husband's cousin. Set in the…

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    Chris Hormann

    Chris Hormann ★★★★½

    Not quite as satisfying as The Big City on a thematic level but on a visual level, this is astounding. Ray's selection of shots is wide and varied from the stunning close-ups of Madhabi Mukherjee as the titular lonely wife to the tracking shots in the house and the sudden zooms. Everything fits in its place so that this more more than an exercise in directorial technique.

    Ray pays tribute to the likes of Ozu (both the domestic setting and…

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    Rida ★★★★★

    Lately, I've grown quite fond of Bengali culture. Their passion for art, the gentle, rounded cadences of their language, and their propensity for pathos all make me ache to visit Kolkata in person. I know that I'll find only crowded streets filled with people with an overwhelming drive to succeed, just the same as in every other Indian city, but whenever I watch a film by Satyajit Ray, my highly romantic vision of Kolkata sustains. I don't really want to…

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    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I love that feeling when watching something when you realize you're watching something Big, like a moment that everyone knows or everyone talks about or the One Thing that everyone knows about a movie. I felt this way watching the typewriter in The Shining and Will Graham smash through a window to Iron Butterfly in Manhunter and oddly enough to Charu on a swingset in this film. It stands out from the rest of the film somehow, perhaps because it's…

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