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    Josh Larsen

    Josh Larsen ★★★★

    Deceptively breezy until the third act, which just might wreck you. In its balance of joy and seriousness, reminded me a lot of Cooley High.

    Full review here.

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    Logan Kenny

    Logan Kenny ★★★★★

    i'm just so thankful for spike lee.

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    🌈matthew🌈 ★★★★½

    While the shift in the third act is a bit galling considering the warmth and ease of the previous bits, Delroy Lindo and Zelda Harris's quiet moments together sell the admittedly difficult prospect of "cancer drama." The rest of the film is a fucking treasure.

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    Wood ★★★★★

    Absolutely beautiful film. Spike Lee is the master of getting you to not only care about characters, but see life through their eyes. Incredible sound track mixed with some experimental film making techniques makes this emotional ride a wonderfully unique and colorful experience.

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    Brian Formo

    Brian Formo ★★★½

    Spike Lee's love letter to growing up in Brooklyn, forgoing the South, and all the highs and lows that come with it. Crooklyn takes a little bit to get into a groove and detach itself from all the competing energy and noise of the street, and all the competition of the screaming children in the house and on the block; but once it does, it stays there. For me, the slide into the groove started with the one-two punch of…

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    Peter Labuza

    Peter Labuza ★★★½

    A good double feature with Meet Me In St. Louis, a coming of age musical set in something that resembles paradise, with hints of the hard times that will come. Not that Lee isn't here shying away from the hard times that already plague his family: a black neighbor is arrested on the basis of a white man's call, paying off the electric bill is never guaranteed, and food stamps are a part of life. Lee's story, written with his…

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    PatrickRipoll ★★★★½

    In 35mm

    Almost hard to get past the ending which somehow treats Troy's childhood being cut prematurely short by her mother's death (while the rest of her siblings, all boys, are free to still run and play) as a moving passing of the torch, her entry into womanhood at age 10. It's especially disappointing because, by co-writing with his siblings and giving the POV over to his sister Joie (who gets top screenwriting credit), Spike mostly side-steps his women problems…

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    davidehrlich ★★★★

    It’s surprisingly easy to forget that “BlacKkKlansman” is a Spike Lee joint. Not only does it open with an extended sequence from “Gone with the Wind” (not a Spike Lee joint), but it also spends a good amount of time parsing the fundamental dilemma of Jewish-American identity, and takes place in the snow-white hills of Colorado Springs… which is pretty much the furthest place from Crooklyn you can get in this country.

    Sure, the usual Lee flourishes pop up here…

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