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  • Wolf Devil Woman

    Wolf Devil Woman

    . .

    . . ★★★★

    With commentary by Justin Decloux.

  • Local Legends

    Local Legends

    . .

    . . ★★★½

    With commentary by Justin Decloux and Matt Farley.

  • Impossible Horror

    Impossible Horror


    robbie ★★½

    justin decloux is, by all accounts, a very nice boy

  • Impossible Horror

    Impossible Horror

    More Justin Decloux, less TIFF-approved millennial mediocrity.

  • Teddy Bomb

    Teddy Bomb


    CinemaZombie ★★★

    Justin Decloux is cinema's greatest hero and it's greatest villain.

  • Unmasked Part 25

    Unmasked Part 25

    . .

    . . ★★★★

    Watched with commentary by Mark Cutforth, Peter Kuplowsky and Justin Decloux.

  • Impossible Horror

    Impossible Horror

    Sean Kelly

    Sean Kelly ★★★★

    Impossible Horror is a very different film from Justin Decloux's ultra-gory debut Teddy Bomb. There is a much slower pace to Impossible Horror and the entire first act of the film is told practically without dialogue. The film does maintain Decloux's sense of humour throughout, though there are also some truly spooky moments in the film, especially scenes that involve a ghost that haunts Lily's apartment. While Impossible Horror does get progressively more weird as it goes on, it is still a solid sophomore effort for Justin Decloux.

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  • Local Legends

    Local Legends

    Chris Ess

    Chris Ess ★★★★★

    Watched thanks to Peter Kuplowsky, Justin Decloux, and Will Sloan.

    The songs and films of Matt Farley and Charles Roxburgh have helped me stay sane during this quarantine. I raise a glass of coffee milk in their honor.

  • The Cold Light of Day

    The Cold Light of Day

    Justin Decloux

    Justin Decloux ★★★

    "Competent!" - Justin Decloux

    The director previously made the great JCVD. "Plays it safe" he told himself "Don't step on any toes. Get it done. You can do the great stuff later!"

    Nope. He got put in director jail.

  • Strangler of the Swamp

    Strangler of the Swamp

    The Important Cinema Club Bargain-Bin Classics (the Criterion Collection of public-domain home-video labels) returns with a special edition of Frank Wisbar's fog-shrouded Poverty Row semi-classic Strangler in the Swamp.

    Special Features:
    ✓ Audio commentary by me and Justin Decloux, the hosts of the Important Cinema Club podcast
    ✓ FEATURETTE: The Studios on Poverty Row - A Video Discussion
    ✓ FEATURE-LENGTH BONUS FILM: Frank Wisbar's Devil Bat's Daughter (1946)
    ✓ The Short Films of Edgar G. Ulmer
    ✓ Liner notes by Justin Decloux
    ✓ Lovingly unrestored standard-def transfer

    Limited to 200 hand-numbered copies. Order yours here:

  • Petey Wheatstraw

    Petey Wheatstraw


    Juan ★★★½

    Rudy Ray Moore has undeniable charisma and has so much fun in this crazy outing. And Justin DeCloux's capsule review is right, you do get Santo vibes from this when it comes to the monster stuff. I love the organ music for jokey "creepy" ambiance.

  • She Shoots Straight

    She Shoots Straight


    PhilistineZiad ★★★★½

    WHAT?! This is incredible. I saw this pop up on Justin Declouxs reviews and holy shit it's amazing. I have to see every single Corey Yuen film because between this and Ninja Enters the Dragons Den i'm totally sold on this guy. Can't wait to watch this in a big group.

  • Where Is My Friend's House?

    Where Is My Friend's House?


    brendanross ★★★★

    Iranian After Hours. The prequel. Really heartbreaking stuff here and an incredible example of film transporting you into a whole new world. Kiarostami really knows how to gut punch you with empathy.

    Just piggybacking on Letterboxd superstar @Justin Decloux's review here, but as someone who hated doing homework when I was in school, this got me good.

  • The Corpse

    The Corpse

    On this week’s episode of Loose Cannons, Mathew Kumar and Justin Decloux talk about 1971′s Crucible of Horror (also known as The Corpse and The Velvet House), a confusing British horror film starring Michael Gough of Batman fame.

    So is Crucible of Horror an essential part of the Cannon canon? Will Mathew and Justin be able to remember what the movie is called? Listen to find out.

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  • Impossible Horror

    Impossible Horror

    Marko Balaban

    Marko Balaban ★★★★½

    The thing Justin Decloux needs is a lot of money. He makes exceedingly fun and ambitious movies that are compelling, engaging, and dynamic.

    To make this film with such a low budget and fill it with so many great ideas stuns me.

    Also, the soundtrack is the bomb. Find this movie and treat yourself like you would when you decide to order from your favourite pizza place and have a night of actual FUN and feel good about it, goddammit.

  • Maid in Sweden

    Maid in Sweden

    This week the Loose Cannons return to the world of Swedish sexploitation - and it’s even grimier than when they left it! Mathew Kumar and Justin Decloux discuss 1971′s Maid in Sweden, the order in which you should bath and shower, and read a few listener letters.

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  • Inga


    The first film discussed on my new podcast with Justin Decloux, LOOSE CANNONS, in which we attempt to watch and review every single film released by Cannon Films, yes, starting long before the Golan/Globus era because no one else is discussing these films. Listen here:

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  • Ninja Terminator

    Ninja Terminator

    Justin Decloux

    Justin Decloux ★★★★

    Gold Ninja Video is proud to feature NINJA TERMINATOR on Blu-ray as part of a 3-Disc set called NINJA VORTEX: A GODFREY HO AND FRIEND TREASURY.

    Nine films. Four commentary tracks. Six featurettes. A feature-length trailer reel of IFD/FILMARK movies that all have the word ninja in their titles. And a booklet of new liner notes by me!


    ✓Commentary on NINJA TERMINATOR by No Such Thing as a Bad Movie (April Etmanski, Colin Cunningham, and Justin Decloux)…