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  • Mr. Vampire

    Mr. Vampire

    Naughty aka Juli Norwood

    Naughty aka Juli Norwood ★★★★★

    Has the most interesting career choice ever.. A hopping vampire walker!

    I hit the jackpot with this film it has Hopping Vampires, a Succubus and Vampire Fu!

    Nobody does it like 80's Hong Kong cinema! Films infused with Action, Comedy and Horror spells unadulterated cheesy good fun!

  • Mr. Vampire 1992

    Mr. Vampire 1992

    AKA Mr. Vampire 1992 and Xin jiang shi xian sheng!

    A real bizarre-fest! Those wacky hopping vampires are back in full force in this campy, cheesy lil gem of a movie! But that's not all there's "holy babies" ghosts that are into naughty pranks!

  • Mr. Vampire

    Mr. Vampire


    cherryz ★★★½

    Day 27, PG-13 movie

    I'm feeling completely uplifted after watching Mr Vampire. The 2 young lads with their tomfoolery, driving their Master round the twist gave me some good belly laughs.

    I love this style of Vampire and Ghost story. I would like to find a darker movie with all these traditions. Rigor Mortis springs to mind, there must be more.

    All the traditional remedies of how to deal with vampires and ghosts, sticky rice, hold your breath so they wont find you (that was a funny scene). I could watch the fight scenes for days, great stunts, just like watching an exciting chase scene.

  • Mr. Vampire

    Mr. Vampire

    Sea Lucas

    Sea Lucas ★★★½

    Mr. Vampire is an action/comedy/horror hybrid that succeeds on all three counts and may be the best "hopping vampire" film of them all. Director Ricky Lau elicits fine performances from the stoic Lam Ching-Ying as Master Gao, a Taoist priest skilled in the arts of battling the supernatural, and Ricky Hui and Chin Siu-Ho as his bumbling assistants. The gags are hilarious, the martial arts action is epic, and the special effects are great (for the time). You really can't ask for more! Highly recommended.

  • Mr. Vampire

    Mr. Vampire

    Pure entertainment: stunts, corpses, gags, mixed identities, cowards, accidental penis exposure, and more stunts.

    A Taoist priest with a unibrow and his two apprentices oversee the re-burial of a man, but it goes awry, leading to the corpse becoming jiangshi, a hopping corpse intent on killing people with his long fingernails and insatiable hunger for qi. Add to this a lusty ghost and a cowardly police officer, and you've got corpse hijinks! Fun as all hell

  • Magic Cop

    Magic Cop


    pd187 ★★★★


  • Mr. Vampire

    Mr. Vampire

    Steve G 💚

    Steve G 💚 ★★★★

    You Gotta Be Fucking Kidding: The 1980s Horror Month

    Over 30 years on and Mr. Vampire is still replete with way more ideas than almost every vampire film made since.

    Of course, for the most part, it isn't really a vampire film at all. In fact, for the most part it's not even really a horror film. It's far closer in style and genre to a regular Hong Kong action comedy. Jackie Chan should have been in this because it…

  • Mr. Vampire

    Mr. Vampire

    Scrambled Face

    Scrambled Face ★★★★

    Part of my 2019 Theme Month Extravaganza
    Golden Harvest

    Hong Kong's answer to Ghostbusters remains the best Eastern horror-comedy I have ever witnessed. Lam Ching-ying is brilliant in his signature role as a serious jiangshi wrangler whose reputation is constantly threatened by doofus apprentices Ricky Hui and Chin Siu-ho. Their latest blunder is unleashing the corpse of a rich geezer (Yuen Wah) who was entrusted to their care for reburial, and is now springing around town, sticking people with…

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