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  • Bruce Lee, trop jeune pour mourir

    Bruce Lee, trop jeune pour mourir

    Apparently not young enough RIP

  • Birth of the Dragon

    Birth of the Dragon

    C. Winter

    C. Winter ★★

    Me, during the first 20 minutes: "Why is Bruce Lee such a dick?"

    Me, about 20 minutes later: "Okay, now I understand why Bruce Lee is such a dick. He's young, and brash, and will learn humility in the end."

    Me, at the end of the movie: "Why is Bruce Lee still such a dick?"

    And finally, me throughout the entire movie: "Where's Bruce Lee? It's like he's a supporting character in his own movie."

  • Young Bruce Lee: The Little Dragon

    Young Bruce Lee: The Little Dragon


    Lee ★★★★★

    This is a collection of clips from a number of Bruce Lee's childhood movies that he acted in.

    There is nothing inherently bad. Lee fans will love the fact that they can own pieces of extremely rare footage of the man before he became the Dragon.

  • The Night Comes for Us

    The Night Comes for Us

    Jimi 🕊

    Jimi 🕊 ★★★½

    Iko Uwais > Tony Jaa < young Jackie Chan > Jet Lee < Bruce Lee

  • The Legend of Bruce Lee

    The Legend of Bruce Lee

    God almighty! What a terrible film.

    Yet another abysmal and ridiculously inaccurate re-interpretation of the life of martial artist Bruce Lee. Forgettable and infuriating to the end. Nevermind Bruces' one inch punch, on Bruce's behalf I truly wish to drive a 12" spike through the heart of this exploitative and disgraceful piece of celluloid junk and all involved in its making.

    See Dragon: the Bruce Lee Story or 'Young Bruce Lee' but do not waste time on this.

    Better still…

  • Caddyshack



    JAMMS ★★½

    White Bruce Lee, Young Bill Murray, and a gopher

  • Ip Man 4: The Finale

    Ip Man 4: The Finale

    Tom Cross

    Tom Cross ★★★½

    Solid finale for the franchise. Young Bruce Lee is badass.

  • The Big Boss

    The Big Boss


    Bsmith8168 ★★★★

    Fun little Bruce Lee film that takes a little bit to get going, but once the fists start to fly it turns into a solid Bruce Lee beatdown.  Lee oozes charisma as usual as a young laborer that finds out that the company that he is working for is smuggling dope.  Lee confronts the situation and all his friends get killed off in the process leaving Lee to do what he does best.  Kick everyone’s ass.

  • Bruce Lee and the Outlaw

    Bruce Lee and the Outlaw

    Kevin Matthews

    Kevin Matthews ★★★½

    An impressive documentary that sees the film-maker attempting to maintain a distance while also stepping it at a vital point to help the young boy at the heart of the main narrative, Bruce Lee And The Outlaw is a mix of strange characters, difficult circumstances, and just enough optimism to sugarcoat the bitter pill.

  • The Way of the Dragon

    The Way of the Dragon

    Joe Bonelli

    Joe Bonelli ★★½

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Worth watching just to see Bruce Lee murder a young Chuck Norris.

  • The Way of the Dragon

    The Way of the Dragon


    Cobramde ★★★★★

    A fun martial action movie with young legendary Bruce Lee who fights other bad guys and soon his new opponent,Chuck Norris. This was very cool and just plain entertaining. It's a simple masterpiece for many generations. Bruce Lee is a martial arts/actor God.

  • Game of Death

    Game of Death


    Freakmusic7878 ★★½

    The whole james bond intro is something that doesn match up with the or Bruce Lee's movies. This could've been done in a hundred ways different and it would ve be better, the editing once again is a disaster, the plot even being a good idea has a poor execution, an exploitation of Bruce death is a bit of poor taste, they didnt even try to match the wardrobre from Bruce Lee, when is bruce lee he has on a…

  • Enter the Dragon

    Enter the Dragon


    CliffBrumby ★★★★

    Bruce Lee is so fucking cool in this movie. Such a tragedy he died so young.

  • Enter the Dragon

    Enter the Dragon


    Julz ★★★★

    Kicks ass. Why did Bruce Lee have to leave us so young?

  • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

    Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story


    SteveR007 ★★★★★

    Bio-pics are often a mixed bag - sometimes too formulaic, other times too revisionist. After seeing the controversy surrounding Tarrantino's depiction of Bruce Lee in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood," I came across "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" (1993) and decided to tune in. What a pleasant surprise! Jason Scott Lee stars as the iconic Chinese-American who comes to San Francisco from Hong Kong with a dream to be someone. I found Lee so likable that it was impossible…

  • Ip Man 2

    Ip Man 2

    Gary Kline

    Gary Kline ★★★½

    A worthy sequel with some stellar fight sequences - the table fight between yen and hung is the standout - even if it cribs a few too many story beats from Rocky IV.  

    Baby Bruce Lee makes me want to see a whole movie of master ip training young Bruce lee.

  • Enter the Dragon

    Enter the Dragon


    mattmonday ★★★★

    I had no idea Bruce Lee died so young, was so great watching him in this. True classic.

  • The Wrecking Crew

    The Wrecking Crew

    Will Sloan

    Will Sloan ★½

    The stench of bourbon wafts from the screen as a tan-painted Dean Martin leches over a string of young lovelies, but is constantly interrupted by Sharon Tate. Slower than a Warhol film. Bruce Lee is credited as “karate advisor.” Imagining Bruce Lee trying desperately to coach a drunken Dean Martin on how to kick.

    Phil Karlson completionism may not be advisable.

  • Game of Death

    Game of Death


    Lee ★★★

    The story and the final 15 minutes of Game of Death saves it. I'm giving it 3 stars for those two things.

    The cardboard Bruce Lee cut out and the easily visible Lee double is atrocious.

    Gig Young and Dean Jagger make the movie better than it really is. Bob Wall also makes for an intimidating henchman, as he always did in a Bruce Lee film.

    This is really a higher quality and budgeted "Bruceploitation" movie at the end of the day.

  • Fist of Fury

    Fist of Fury


    raddude ★★★★★

    “How can a healthy man die so young?” - Chen Zhen 

     Bruce Lee kicks the final boss into outerspace.