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  • Fist of Fear, Touch of Death

    Fist of Fear, Touch of Death


    Tons of movies tried to capitalize on the Bruce Lee legacy after the king of martial arts died way too young. This one is a late entry into the Bruceploitation canon- and one among the worst.

    Footage from a martial arts contest inter-cut with scenes shot with actor and sports legend Fred "The Hammer" Williamson and martial artist Ron Van Cleef, mixed with old archive footage of Bruce Lee and an anchorman moderation talking about who could…

  • The Big Boss

    The Big Boss

    Ronnie Lewis

    Ronnie Lewis ★★★

    Bruce Lee was a baaaaaaaaad mother.... Shut my mouth.... But I'm just talking about Bruce Lee y'all

  • Fist of Fury

    Fist of Fury


    robthefilmgeek ★★★★★

    In my humble opinion the best Bruce Lee film, I say that as a huge fan of Bruce Lee but it's the movie I would probably most likely to put on of his.

    Love Bruce Lee's performance, pretty angry from start to finish and the story here is the strongest of his films.

  • Enter the Dragon

    Enter the Dragon


    slib ★★★

    people who only have cursory pop culture knowledge of Bruce Lee from parodies from cartoons and posters they bought at gas stations: "Bruce Lee is so badass and honourable using hand to hand combat"

    Bruce Lee: "why don't we just shoot them lmao"

  • The Way of the Dragon

    The Way of the Dragon

    Nicole Canseco

    Nicole Canseco ★★★½

    This was my first taste of a Bruce Lee movie and I totally get it now. I fully understand how much of a cultural phenomenon Bruce Lee came to be in the western world.

    How did that staredown between Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris and the cat watching them fight not become a meme?

  • I Am Bruce Lee

    I Am Bruce Lee

    Alin Wallace

    Alin Wallace ★★★½

    Enjoyable, if not quite the in depth documentary I was hoping for about the Master.


  • Bruce Lee and the Outlaw

    Bruce Lee and the Outlaw


    ibrahimaslan ★★★★

    Bruce lee bizim pilavcı fevzi abiye benziyor. O da mahallenin çocuklarını etrafında toplar

  • Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey

    Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey


    stella ★★★★½

    game of death com certeza teria sido o melhor filme do bruce lee

  • Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth

    Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth


    laird ★★★

    Fightin' round the world with Bruce Lee (Bruce Li).

    In the scene that takes place during the filming of ENTER THE DRAGON the guy that plays Robert Crouse looks like Larry David.

  • Game of Death

    Game of Death


    RodEck ★★

    Most of Game of Death is an insult to the memory of Bruce Lee. The movie itself resembles something of a comedy with the pathetic attempts to conceal that the main character that is supposed to be Bruce Lee isn't Bruce Lee. So everything from a motorcycle helmet to even a superimposed picture is used. Most of the running time is also a chore to get through. When Lee finally does show up it is almost worth it.