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  • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

    Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

    Heath Rhoads

    Heath Rhoads ★★★★

    This turned 25 back on May 7th. Director Rob Cohen and Jason Scott Lee bring the EPIC tale of Bruce Lee to the BIG SCREEN! I used to own the DVD but finally upgraded to the Bluray. And this was a pretty great biopic detailing the WAY too brief life of Bruce Lee, who died in July of 1973 at the young age of just 32. Some pretty epic fights scenes are probably the highlight of this film. Of course…

  • The Big Boss

    The Big Boss


    Noraa ★★★½

    Bruce Lee fights for workers rights!
    Bruce Lee sells out and becomes a scab :(
    All Bruce Lee’s worker friends are killed by the boss >:(
    Bruce Lee KILLS THE BOSS

  • Be Water

    Be Water

    Mario Herrera

    Mario Herrera ★★★★★

    I've seen many Bruce Lee documentaries. I was shown Bruce Lee from my father, as I got to the age of 13 I got ahold of one of his books. I studied what he was saying and really got in depth of his philosophy. It gave me a better outlook on life. That no matter who is in my life, no matter who follows what or who, I will always be myself. To stay true to my self. And at…

  • Ip Man 3

    Ip Man 3

    J. Crawford

    J. Crawford ★★★★

    Wilson Yip, Yuen Woo-Ping, and Donnie Yen join together to continue the saga of the legendary Ip Man. This time around, we meet a young Bruce Lee.

  • Fist of Fury

    Fist of Fury


    CaptKolasonic ★★★★

    FIST OF FURY is a movie I discovered the first time when I was a very young kid (I think I was 8 or 9 years old!).
    When I got bored, I pushed the armchair to the cupboard, climbed on top of the armchair, opened the cupboard and looked through my dad's VHS-collection!
    One day a very special tape got my attention!
    I put the tape into the VCR and I immediately got soaked into a…

  • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

    Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

    Theodore Bond

    Theodore Bond ★★★

    Bruce Lee is undoubtedly the greatest icon in the world of martial arts. Is it one of those he died young so remember him more fondly and give him more credit then is due or is it because he really was that damn good? Well in my humble opinion the fact that he accomplished so much in such a little time is all that we need to know. So naturally with such an iconic figure it was only a matter…

  • I Am Bruce Lee

    I Am Bruce Lee


    Dvdviant ★★

    Ed O'Neill and a bunch of other people talk about Bruce Lee. Spoiler Alert : Bruce Lee was Awesome. See it if you've never seen a Bruce Lee documentary or read anything about him. Fun fact : Bruce Lee was the 1958 Hong Kong National Cha-Cha champion. Awesome.

  • Game of Death

    Game of Death

    The Ed Wood of kung fu films. Bruce Lee had started a film and shot fight scenes with Danny Inosato and a few other martial artists. This would've starred George Lazenby and a number of familiar faces from previous Lee films (Shih Kien, Nora Miao, Bolo, Little Unicorn, Bob Wall, and the still unknown Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung). Lee died but the film didn't. Main reason: there was a fight scene between Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Bruce. So we…

  • The Big Boss

    The Big Boss

    One of the quintessential kung-fu movies to star the legendary Bruce Lee about a young man who makes a chilling discoveries about the disappearance of his relatives that involve heroin smuggling and sorts of crazy shit where Lee does what he's known. Kicking some fuckin' ass.

  • Enter the Dragon

    Enter the Dragon

    Eric Peterson

    Eric Peterson ★★★★

    I'm no expert of the martial arts film, but of the films that I've seen this is certainly one of the best. The sheer brilliance and physicality of Bruce Lee is unmatched even if the story-line is preposterous and has some glaring plot-holes. It's a true shame that Lee died so young and left such a small body of work behind.

  • Game of Death II

    Game of Death II


    HKFanatic ★★★

    It speaks to Bruce Lee's enduring popularity that, nearly a decade after his death, producer Raymond Chow was still exploiting unused footage of the actor for pseudo-sequels to Lee's films. Chow's Golden Harvest production company hadn't rested on its laurels in the meantime; they evolved the genre Lee helped popularize, and 1979 alone saw the release of future classics "Knockabout," "Magnificent Butcher," and "The Young Master." If you can get over the ghoulishness of Chow continuing to cash in on Bruce Lee's legacy, "Game of Death II" features some excellent fight choreography in that Golden Harvest tradition, courtesy of someone you may have heard of—Yuen Woo-ping.

  • Fist of Fury

    Fist of Fury

    Erik Martenson

    Erik Martenson ★★★½

    精武门 is Bruce Lee’s second big hit, also directed by Lo Wei. The story is a bit more elaborate than the one in The Big Boss, but the ending is highly dubious. No spoilers, but it has to do with the use of firearms; the ending feels forced and just thrown in there. Bruce Lee portrays a troubled young man with legendary martial arts skills, and is both believeable and well acted. The battles are great! The title points to…

  • Enter the Dragon

    Enter the Dragon


    shaunswift ★★★★★

    This is arguably the best martial arts movie I’ve ever seen, and is just a great movie in general. Bruce Lee gets sent to an island where a crime lord holds a martial arts tournament, and he must try and stop him. On top of Bruce Lee, there’s John Saxon, Jim Kelly, Bolo Yeung and even a young Jackie Chan in a handful of scenes! The fight scenes are amazing to see and never get excessive. There’s also a great…

  • Birth of the Dragon

    Birth of the Dragon


    zaydaze ★½

    This isn’t even about Bruce Lee, it’s about some boring and lame white guy with a savior complex. I understand wanting to write a story about a young and arrogant Bruce Lee learning to be more humble after fighting Wong Jack Man, but holy shit they depicted him as way too much of a prick. Philip Ng makes for a great Bruce Lee, it’s just sad he was forced to act as a dickish caricature of the man he’s playing.…

  • Fist of Fear, Touch of Death

    Fist of Fear, Touch of Death

    Kai Perrignon

    Kai Perrignon ★★★★½

    I thought I was stronger than this, but I am simply unable to resist such shameless bullshittery.

    Set up as a hosted document of a martial arts competition in Madison Square Garden to find "the next Bruce Lee," a premise called out as nonsense by multiple people multiple times, this quickly sheds any pretence of class or respect to prop up Bruce Lee's corpse and use it like a cheap ventriloquist dummy. The "documentary" section opens with some random dude…

  • The Clones of Bruce Lee

    The Clones of Bruce Lee

    Fu for Thought

    Fu for Thought ★★½

    What’s better than one Bruce Lee? Three Bruce Lees, question mark???

  • The Way of the Dragon

    The Way of the Dragon


    Zach ★★★★½

    Absolutely Iconic fight scenes, including fighting Chuck Norris in the final battle. Writer/director Bruce Lee blends comedy and action in way that undeniably influenced a young Jackie Chan.

  • Dragon Fist

    Dragon Fist

    Deepak Chazhoor

    Deepak Chazhoor ★★★½

    An angry young man sets out to avenge his dead master. Ring a bell? Basically, Jackie Chan in an out-and-out Bruce Lee film. In a nutshell, that’s what ‘Dragon Fist’ is all about. I found it rather refreshing to watch Jackie Chan cast against type and unleash rage on his adversaries. But again, I think this film would’ve been more successful and popular if it was made in Bruce Lee’s time with the martial arts icon in the lead.

  • Fist of Fury

    Fist of Fury


    Itchy_Napoleon ★★★½

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    (Rachel) Fist of Fury is another Bruce Lee and it was a lot better than Big Boss. It starts out with Lee coming to town for his master’s funeral. He’s pissed from the very beginning and you can tell is just looking for a fight, which he does in the form of the Japanese who have just opened a new fight school to compete with Lee’s. He doesn’t take too kindly to them and beats them all up right away.…

  • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

    Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

    Chris Gumprich

    Chris Gumprich ★★½

    Jason Scott Lee is a beefy, unconvincing Bruce Lee that is perfectly appropriate for an unconvincing look at Bruce Lee’s life.

    If you go into this movie knowing nothing about the real Bruce Lee then you’ll watch a decent martial arts film with some nice fight scenes. If you know anything about Lee you’ll be left unsatisfied.