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  • Planes



    Julian ★★★

    Planes > Cars 2, but Cars >> Planes.

  • Due Date

    Due Date


    Jacob ★★

    Also weirdly the best kind of plane movie to watch while sick on a plane. Because it’s *not* good. 

    Part 2 of 2 of the Todd Phillips plane movie marathon.

  • Paper Planes

    Paper Planes


    sue ★★½

    2 1/2 stars title is misleading this is not paper planes by m.i.a !

  • Soul Plane

    Soul Plane


    1) don't use phone on the plane.
    2) don't use on the plane.

  • Snakes on a Plane

    Snakes on a Plane


    rubyll ★★★★

    Snakes on a plane 2 - snakes still on the plane ?
    Snakes on a plane 3 - snakes stuck on plane pls help
    Snakes on a plane 4 - snakes flying the plane they’re ok just vibing
    Snakes on a plane 5 - snakes couldn’t fly plane
    Snakes on a plane 6 - snakes 

    Point is make more pls

  • Soul Plane

    Soul Plane

    For a movie starring 50 Cent as Air Marshall 50 Cent, Soul Plane 2: The Blackjacking! is infinitely better than the movie that came before it, and Soul Plane 2 doesn’t even exist.

  • Planes


    this is the cars 2 of plane movies this sucks

  • Money Plane

    Money Plane

    1) The Money Plane is for gambling.
    2) Some gamblers are caught cheating on the Money Plane.
    3) No cheaters are thrown offboard the Money Plane.
    4) Bullshit.

  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not

    plane movie #2. good for the plane i guess!

  • American Made

    American Made


    emangov ★★½

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    fly plane. fly plane for CIA. fly plane for cartel. fly plane for cartel with drUgz. fly plane full of money from drUgz for cartel. fly plane full of guns. get in big trouble. get out of big trouble. fly plane.

    not enough fly plane. i giv 2.5 of 5 ok

  • Lots and Lots of Trains, Vol 1

    Lots and Lots of Trains, Vol 1

    Heeeeeeere they come, screaming across the sky: it's Lots and Lots of Jets and Planes, the GREATEST collection of aviation DVDs we've EVER offered! And through this special TV offer you can get 2 DVDs for the price of one! You'll get to see big planes, little planes, soaring, stunt, and passenger planes. Even planes the fly REAL LOW! Old planes, new planes, fast planes, slooow planes. Smoking planes, even planes at supersonic speeds, plus much much more when you…

  • Planes


    It’s like cars 2 but not, cuz actually it’s planes

  • Cars 2

    Cars 2

    In cars 2 there is a sentient plane. The plane is self driving and does not require a driver. This implies, whether inadvertently or not, that 911 in the cars universe was an in-job

  • Money Plane

    Money Plane

    Money Plane /ˈmʌnipleɪn/ n. 1. A plane that has money in it.
    2. A place where you can bet on a dude fucking an alligator.

  • Top Gun

    Top Gun


    Will ★★★½

    The volleyball scene accounts for 2 of these 4 stars. The other 2 are for planes. Planes are cool. Minus half a star for Tom Cruise's crooked teeth.

  • Raya and the Last Dragon

    Raya and the Last Dragon

    I watched this movie on a 2 hour plane ride
    There’s no reason to watch this unless if you’re stuck on a 2 hour plane ride

  • Planes: Fire & Rescue

    Planes: Fire & Rescue

    Mike Natale

    Mike Natale ★★★

    This was fine, which puts it above Cars 2 and Planes 1.

  • Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

    Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

    Watched it on the plane as well, again awkward to laugh on a plane

  • Money Plane

    Money Plane

    Alex S

    Alex S

    -2/10 on the so bad it's good meter.

    Money plane

  • Money Plane

    Money Plane

    Can’t wait for Money Plane 2: Brotherly Love