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  • Satan's Slaves

  • Satan's Slaves

    Satan's Slaves


    Sofyan ★★★★½

    Fuck! I love this film !!

  • Satan's Slaves

    Satan's Slaves


    hasna ★★★★

    tara basro and bront palarae yelling at undead satanists is my sexuality

  • Satan's Slaves

    Satan's Slaves

    Ramos Pardede

    Ramos Pardede ★★★★½


    The story, the music, the cast, everything!!!!

    Asmara Abigail & Fachri Albar dancing on 80s baroque pop make me crazy

  • Satan's Slaves

    Satan's Slaves


    CinemaClown ★★★

    Deriving tension & delivering thrills through its well-sustained ominous ambience, Satan's Slaves is a finely crafted & surprisingly effective horror that keeps an eerie, uneasy vibe alive for the major portion of its runtime yet fails to finish on a strong note, thanks its muddled third act.

    Set in 1981, the story of Satan's Slaves (also known as Pengabdi Setan) follows a hapless family that begins to experience paranormal activities in their home after the demise of their mother who had been…

  • Satan's Slaves

    Satan's Slaves


    Nexkez6 ★★★½

    ”There are only dead people in the cemetery. Dead people are harmless.”

    Having as yet not seen the original Satan’s Slave, I can’t tell how deep the links to this remake/prequel go, but although the influence of J-horror is apparent in the some of the stylistic choices that writer/director Joko Anwar makes he certainly knows how to deliver the chills as Rini (Tara Basro) struggles to protect her younger siblings, when following the death of their mother, her spirit or…

  • Satan's Slaves

    Satan's Slaves


    AScaryGhost ★★★½

    A nice spooky haunted family story, very well presented on a low budget. I loved the atmosphere and the decor of the big house where most of the film is set. The mom is way creepy and the kids are cute. At first I didn’t care for the retro setting, but it ended up being cool because of the lack of cell phones, a refreshing change these days. 

    The story takes an unexpected turn near the end and becomes at least 40% more awesome. I won’t spoil it but i really liked how everything went down. Give me sequels!

  • Satan's Slaves

    Satan's Slaves


    LeSchroeck ★★★

    The Conjuring: Indonesian Edition.

    Im gutherzigen Pressejargon würde es jetzt heißen: In "Satan's Slaves" tobt sich Regisseur Joko Anwar mit der Lust und Laune eines James Wan auf der Klaviatur des Gruselfilms aus. Und er bespielt sogar noch die Tasten, die eigentlich fest für ganz andere Horrorgenres belegt sind. Wer es etwas nüchterner angeht, wird feststellen, dass hier tatsächlich alles abgefeuert wird, was man gefühlt schon 3000 Mal gesehen hat. Von knarzenden Türen und bockigen Autos über Fratzen im Spiegel…

  • Satan's Slaves

    Satan's Slaves

    Jakarta Cinema Club

    Jakarta Cinema Club ★★★★

    When was the last time you see a decent Indonesian horror? Gosh.. I know. It’s been a while. Finally, the good one just arrived. What makes ‘Pengabdi Setan’ so intense though?

    1. The uneasy feeling throughout the film
    2. The music!
    3. The story (though we need to know more about ‘the cult’)
    4. Unnecessary jokes don’t exist or very minimal
    5. The ______ looks so natural & that makes it so damn scary
    6. The actors! You guys are great…

  • Satan's Slaves

    Satan's Slaves

    Tony the Terror😼

    Tony the Terror😼 ★★★½

    For the first half of this Indonesian horror film, you get a pretty generic Asian ghost story with all your expected Asian Ghost Story Scares® and I was really wondering what all the fuss was about. Actually, one of the best scares does come during that first half, but it’s the only thing that really stands out about it so like, the first half minus one scene is pretty ok but not great.

    But then, about halfway through it really…

  • Satan's Slaves

    Satan's Slaves

    Dale Raulerson

    Dale Raulerson ★★★

    Film #23 on my terrifying journey through Hooptober V.

    The prequel to an Indonesian 80's cult film of the same name, which was apparently a "remake" of the 70's film Phantasm. Well that's certainly something.

    While I know very little about the original film beyond what I've read, this year's take on the film has been aptly described as the Indonesian The Conjuring. A perfectly apt description, as the film really does hit a lot of those typical story beats,…

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