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  • King Rocker

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  • King Rocker

    King Rocker


    An undercurrent of the film is how Birmingham rejects its cultural heritage, almost as if it's allergic to recognition. It rejected Monro's King Kong statue, it rejected Robert Llyod, and, arguably, rejected Lee himself. He's lived in London for decades. That may be an unfair claim on my part; it is simply easier to be a stand-up in London than the Midlands and Lee clearly has no ill will to Brum. Regardless, it's rejected much more. Birmingham, if it had…

  • Tea with Mussolini

    Tea with Mussolini


    I'll be fair and say it didn't have my full attention, as I was watching it on TV on New Year's Day. I'll just say it's a generally pleasant film about people experiencing some of the negatives of WW2 but are mostly insulated from it. Has a coming of age story plot where we miss a lot of the coming of age. The performances and set design and costuming are nice, Claudio Spadaro does a great Mussolini. The kind of thing you'd watch with a hypothetical grandma, I guess.