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  • Home Room

    Home Room


    The film actually is making several good points. The story didn't really hook me, nor did it offer much in the way of insight, but I liked how they took the idea of what an aftermath of a school shooting would look like and did something completely different with it. From a psychological standpoint, the picture strives to say something valuable and I appreciated that.

  • Cursed



    The Goosebumps television series had more suspense than this movie did. Generic werewolf movie offers next to nothing new. The effects are a real trainwreck.

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  • Magnolia



    Magnolia is essentially PTA's attempt at crafting an opera out of the cinematic medium. Utilizing its ensemble cast to the fullest capacity, the film turns the human tragedy factor all the way up to eleven. In doing so, Magnolia builds up a high level of tension that only further solidifies the daunting possibility of resolution. One moment in the picture, when a dying character uses his final moments of conscienceness to sing before he drifts into drug-induced coma, stirred up a lot of difficult emotions. Whether this film lives up to its ridiculous ambitions depends entirely on the individual viewer's tolerance for pure melodrama.

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Powerful and painful. This is the kind of love story that speaks closely to many. It captures all the messiness, awkwardness, wonder, and excitement of being young and experiencing romantic love. I don't view this, nor the book, as being a story about homosexuality. I view it more as being simply about sexuality, just in general, and exploring all the exciting and magical wonders of becoming your own person and navigating your sexual identity. The performances and the sound design…