Chinatown ★★★★★

Everything about this film is top drawer. Jack Nicholson gives what might be his best performance as gumshoe, Jake Gittes. His character is badass, professional, charismatic and complex. He's the classic noir anti-hero, the immoral man who is made moral by dire circumstances. The plot is just a perfectly constructed mystery and the audiences' intrigue is always kept alive thanks to Robert Towne's sizzling screenplay wetting our appetites constantly with some really iconic dialogue. Roman Polanski directs the film with serious finesse, inducing some of the greatest wides committed to celluloid as well as using the camera perfectly in the more intimate dialogue scenes and tense investigation scenes.

Composing arguably his best soundtrack, Jerry Goldsmith brilliantly evokes the tragedy and beauty of the film with his sombre and lush themes. The cinematography is dazzling, Los Angeles looks so real and the film still looks amazing after nearly five decades. Chinatown remains one of the many masterpieces that the 70s produced, it's a tight, compelling mystery with a brilliantly drawn protagonist and dense atmosphere.

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