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  • Stranger Than Paradise
  • Days of Heaven
  • My Summer of Love
  • Out 1

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  • Crystal



    Inscrutable motions of twilight specters condensing on the evening's signature - the Crystal.

    According to the opening credits, there is indeed accompanying music to the film; but due to some technical problems I watched it sans audio anyway. Bits of texts from an equally enigmatic short story I read a long time ago, however, kept ringing on that void. The writer, the plot, the characters, even the title; I can barely recall any of the vital details. And things…

  • The Action Art of Hermann Nitsch from Past to Present

    The Action Art of Hermann Nitsch from Past to Present

    Zionism in Vascular Motion: Inward, Outward - zu Gotteslied

    *** the term Zionism is extracted out from its original meaning (Jewish nationalist movement of re/arrogation of the Holy Land) to indicate circumambulation of and assimilation into the Holy Land of the individual. New direction necessitates new vernacular, baby!

    The film is a retrospective documentary on the practices of Hermann Nitsch from 1962 to 2003 and does a little more than merely gluing together the climactic moments from these performances; which…

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  • Yi Yi

    Yi Yi

    At about one-third of the film, there is a specific scene that outlines the mechanism at work here; the son traversing four CCTV screens diagonally and finally entering a basketball ground captured from a high shot. They are neither vignettes nor split screens (of a single space) exactly, rather independent entities capable of forming a communion. Yi Yi too unfolds in the same way; every object, every sound, every movement, every hue and such, follows a natural (and logical) progression,…

  • The Woman Who Ran

    The Woman Who Ran

    *Finally picking up the pace after more than a month without films, what better appetizer than a Hong Sang-soo film.*

    Essentially another series of conversations and observations yet again, but just as fascinating as every Hong film. Initially I wanted to put together more expansively some of my interpretations and views on Hong Sang-soo and his works in general, but figured they would be better spent on my exclusive favourites: Right Now Wrong Then, Oh! Soo-jung, Night & Day, Hill of…