Chungking Express ★★★★★

Help! I'm obsessed with this movie and my love for it doesn't seem to have an expiring date!

It's so unique, the characters are so tenderly irrational, the images are full of desire and I simply love the camera work here - the city with its hyperactivity, these overwhelming cascades of neon light and its fragmentic reality is being portrayed as this place in which anything seems possible and yet so unreachable. Besides, I dare you to name me one more iconic pair of women in a movie – the woman in the blond wig was once rightfully called „the Greta Garbo of Hong Kong“ by Tarantino and I don't think I will see anything cuter than Faye Wong doing her little dance routine to 'California Dreaming'. Talking about songs this soundtrack is simply great always switching between a drifty, uneasy pulse and smooth melancholy.

What this movie always conveys for me in its imagery is the feeling that once you try to look at the individual faces of a crowd you can sense a story behind each and every one of them.