Knight of Cups ★★★½

Finally my first time watching a Terrence Malick movie unfold on the big screen with around 5 people leaving the screening early and the guy next to me maliciously snuffling as to what was happening in front of him. As for me, it was a sheer mesmerizing experience even if it wasn't quite a surprising one.

If you have seen 'Tree of Life' you can already expect what hypnotizing ride you are in for: whispered voice-overs, words in the quest of a search intercut with breathtaking images of space and nature showing us our place in this universe. The characters in this movie feel more like empty shells than anything else and it's up to these images (and us as the audience) to fill them with meaning - and it's a pleasure to do so! I'd run out of superlatives if I tried to praise Emmanuel Lubezki camera work: his eye for little details but also the grand space , the way his camera is gliding amongst the characters almost like orbiting through a field of planets attracted by their gravity and then being pushed away again - all this pulled me right into the moment and I specifically remember when the music of church organs creeped their way into the pictures it truly made me feel the magnitude of our lifes caught on screen.

The searching is the big theme of this movie - searching for something filling the inner void and though I felt the impact of the movie on me it still didn't feel like Malick has actually found what he was looking for. There seemed to be a void between the images - they appeared to be cut and not woven into each other as in Malick's masterpieces. Thematically it didn't really feel rich as his other movies either and thus somewhat predictable and excessive.

Ignoring this distant feeling of emptiness I still was willing enough to stay in the moment and I think this might be an important requirement if you want to watch this movie. It was definitely an experience!

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