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  • Clown



    For what this was I enjoyed it. It made it a point to be gory and gross and succeeded many times. The only thing that really hurts this movie is the budget. You can tell it was filmed cheap, casted cheap and at times produced cheap. But, thats what kind of movie it is, and for what it was, it was ok. But hey, maybe he will do something even better with Marvel and Sony money for Spiderman Homecoming.

  • A Kind of Murder

    A Kind of Murder


    Saw this pop up on Netflix and liked the cast, plot sounded good so i gave it a watcheroo. Made well, production value was def there and the set design, costume design, even the cars were done very well. The story wasn't anything I haven't seen before which isn't always bad, but for a murder mystery you sometimes want more. I didn't love nor hate this, it was fine. Just fine.

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  • Swiss Army Man

    Swiss Army Man


    Utter and complete madness captured on film. But god damn did it make me laugh and shake my head in disbelief. This is an example of just doing something that you want to do regardless of what people will think, and it just works. Not sure if it has much re-watchability for me, but I enjoyed this crazy ride.

  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

    Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


    WOW! My review should just stop there.

    This has more heart than all of the marvel films combined. They set this film up so well with the first one and it pays off immensely. The soundtrack is amazing, especially including my favorite Fleetwood Mac song 2 times. The acting, once again is done greatly with a great cast. We get emotional moments with the entire crazy lineup of Guardians and it keeps the overall story very emotional and personal. It…