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  • The Lodge

    The Lodge


    I feel so bad for Riley Keough’s character...imagine surviving mass suicide at your dad’s insane christian cult, developing severe ptsd because of it, getting involved with a seemingly sympathetic writer who’s looking to document that horror while you’re in your most vulnerable state, only to have his wife commit suicide because of your affair with him and six months later his kids that you’re supposed to look after decide it’s your fault and that they hate you so much they…

  • Arab Blues

    Arab Blues


    A great addition to Tunisian cinema, the director spoke a lot about her desire to make a different type of film in comparison to the other recent Tunisian films, a type of film that is more light hearted and that has comedic elements while still being able to navigate its more heavy themes respectfully. While genuinely funny and enjoyable (the whole theatre was laughing!), I found that it managed to switch between different tones really well throughout, with few misfires.…

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  • Gilda



    I'm the sensitive cop that goes around giving relationship advice and has a good time watching all the drama unfold rather than do his job and arrest eveyone the minute he walks into the casino

  • Split



    a lot of things are wrong about this movie but barry the fashion designer seeking professional help out of all the 23 personalities truly iconique representation