The Raid ★★

Another over-hyped film that started off alright, but simply left me feeling bored, and I dig martial arts and action films. I think in 1 hour and 40 minutes of total runtime there was about 15 minutes of dialogue. While this may be an action fan's dream film, it gets old and boring pretty fast. Even the entire dialogue itself is so boring and unexciting that they may as well have made it an all out action and not even bother with telling a story that in the end didn't even make sense. All the time it's basically, rinse and repeat. There were some cool set ups (liked especially when the kids pass on the "police" message) and some decent choreography but all of it really is ruined by constant shaky cam. Yeah, I get it, you're trying to evoke a feeling of confusion and transcend the feeling of action but holy shit. All you saying it is better than what Dredd looks like. Man, fuck that. Dredd looks better and more interesting than this entire film was.