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  • Naked



    It’s a testament to Thewlis’ dynamic performance that such a detestable character remains constantly riveting from start to finish. I wonder how much self awareness Johnny possesses as he incessantly antagonizes everyone he encounters before experiencing any retribution (surprised he passes the 90 minute mark before anyone hits him). Is he oblivious or is his capacity for evoking pity just another tool for manipulation?

  • Howl's Moving Castle

    Howl's Moving Castle


    Witch of the Waste:

    Calls you and your hat shop tacky
    Transforms you into an old woman
    Requires your assistance climbing stairs
    Calls dibs on only chair 
    Lights up indoors and doesn’t share
    Has to be asked to return Howl’s heart

    All of this and Sophie still compliments her at the end. That’s the type of patience and compassion we could all use.