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  • Random Harvest

    Random Harvest


    My love for Greer Garson and especially Ronald Colman knows no limit and this film was a revelation to me when I first saw it. It’s unabashedly romantic and sentimental but never schmaltzy or sickly sweet and the leads are wonderful. Greer Garson is the very definition of stoic, to the point where you do worry that her self sacrifice will deny the film it’s romantic climax. Ronald Colman is my favourite screen actor, who even though he started in silent movies always seems a very modern presence and he is quite astonishing here.

  • Captain Blood

    Captain Blood


    To be honest it’s a toss up between this and The Adventures Of Robin Hood for which one I chose for the top four and there’s really nothing between them. There’s Flynn’s astounding charisma and lightening bolt star quality, de Havilland’s confidence and poise (And breathtaking beauty), their incredible chemistry, the sweeping action, Rathbone’s villainy and Korngold’s gorgeous score. A cinematic joy!

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  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


    I don’t normally cry at Star Wars films, in fact the only time I remember shedding a tear is while watching Rogue One, when Jyn and Cassian are in the lift. I cried three times during this.

  • Extraction



    Enjoyable actioner set in Mumbai with some terrific set pieces, the one shot chase sequence in particular is a standout. Hemsworth is great, a charismatic and likeable hero, Hooda is his action star equal putting in a great shift as a rival and Jaiswal does well, in a role that often just requires him to duck. The storytelling is pretty basic and many of characters are one dimensional but there are some good lines in the script (“We just got attacked by the Goonies from hell”)and the score is excellent.