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This review may contain spoilers.

Coming off seeing this movie at midnight the night it came out, I think it might be my favorite of the Godzilla movie of the Legendary trilogy.

Right from the start the audience is set to relate or feel sympathy towards Kong in a way that did not exist with any other Titan in these movies. Moreover, Godzilla feels more menacing now more than the previous films.

The pacing is great. Time is not wasted trying to explain sci-fi plot contrivances.

The movie is not without its flaws. The first time the characters travel into the Hollow Earth they go through this psychedelic worm-hole. However later Godzilla is able to burn a hole through the surface of the earth directly through, no worm hole required!

There was a lot of things in that portion of the film that really did not seem to make a whole lot of sense. Godzilla's powers are said to originate from the hollow earth in this movie, which did not really sit well with me. Shouldn't more Hollow Earth Titans have blue glowy powers in that case? Why was there a cave that was magically powered by what looked like Godzilla's back spikes? Who built it? You have to do some work for the movie and guess that there was a colony of Kongs with enough smarts to build weapons and the Cave. But then there is like a glow-in-the-dark Godzilla painting on the floor that is powered up. In the fiction of the film I wonder who is supposed to have made that and what purpose other than attracting Godzilla did it have?

Also in this scene, a CGI spider robot takes a sample of the glowy rocks for the villains. Why not just have the characters that are already secretly working for the villains take the sample. It just seemed so unnecessary and only exists in that scene. Did they need one more gadget to sell as a toy?

Another thing that bothered me a little was when the protagonist characters are flying by the gaping mouths of battling titans and we see them strapped in to their seats. It just felt way too much like a rollercoaster ride. Does that really count as action in movies these days? Characters just hang tight while things around them happen? I might be a little to hard on this, as the shot still looked mostly good.

Design wise I loved how Kong looked and I loved how Hollow Earth looked. The Godzilla design grew on me over the last few years. I guess it is what you would expect to see if you wanted CGI Godzilla. He looks kind of fat and slow, but in this one he fights pretty ferociously and fast, so I guess I can't complain. I will complain on the Mechagodzilla design. Looks way too much like bulky robot. Look how slick all the fictional technology looks like in the film and how Mecha looks like its made of junkyard cranes! Even the 1990s version of Mechagodzilla looks more technologically advanced than the one we get in 2021!

I did appreciate how fast Mechagodzilla went from a controlled weapon to an uncontainable menace. The way its built up there is no other way it could have gone down.

There are also moments in the movie that seem to be inspired directly from the original movie that I greatly appreciated. Kong is literally flown to one location to the next and is shocked back to life (in the original film it was a lightning bolt). I love how over the top these ideas are for me. Silly but Fun!

Which brings me to my next point, I thought the guy who strung along Kong the whole time should have died. He volunteers to shock Kong back to life near the end which causes an explosion he ultimately survives. He put Kong in a lot of danger and got the only human character that Kong trusts to lie and mislead the creature. I thought he would theatrically sacrifice himself and make up for his past shitty behavior in reviving Kong.

There is a level of emotional energy I got out of this movie I did not expect and I am impressed with. The movie takes some time to show Kong is lonely or not enjoying what the humans are putting him through. There are times of tension when you don't know how the monsters might act next.

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