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  • 1917



    Doesn't do anything revolutionary for the genre in a narrative way but, as a theatre experience, it's incredible. Roger Deakins' work in here is absolutely magnificent. The one-shot technique works very well, although it has a certain video game aesthetic in it's first half. However, that changes quickly after the only visible cut in the film. Especially the scenes in the city of Écoust are shot meticulously well and look stunning. The score is also amazing and probably the best…

  • Manos: The Hands of Fate

    Manos: The Hands of Fate


    How to make a good movie:

    1. Watch this film.
    2. Do the exact opposite of everything you just witnessed.

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  • Us



    Jordan Peele crafts yet another creative and witty Horror film. His understanding of how and when to use humor is immense and works incredibly well, never disrupting the tensity of the film. The soundtrack is phenomenal and used very well. I also really liked where the story goes. I loved it when Get Out took the story of one guy and made it more extensive, but this one ups the ante. The ending is perfect, there was no better way…

  • Roma



    On a technical level, this film is without a doubt perfect. But, taking the runtime into consideration, there is honestly not that much going on here. Obviously, it is an arthouse project but that doesn't mean that it cannot have pacing issues.
    The film has an incredible aesthetic though which pulled me back in after I got a bit bored around the 1 hour mark. This is certainly one of these films that make the viewer feel like being in…