Zombieland: Double Tap

Zombieland: Double Tap ★★★

If anything, Zombieland: Double Tap reveals the limitations of its returning characters. Being a sequel a decade later to a breezy horror comedy, it's too beholden to the first to evolve beyond it. We're constantly reminded of prior highlights, especially Columbus' rules of survival, deep into the runtime (oddly no mention of Twinkies at all this time).

The principals from ten years ago are exactly the same, despite the ongoing apocalypse and the group traveling across the entire country from Hollywood to Washington DC in the meantime. Not expecting The Walking Dead, but c'mon, it would have to get boring and they'd have to develop quirky new hobbies or something.

The new characters don't add much with an ass kicking Rosario Dawson being the only addition coming off as fitting. The tension Zoey Deutch's bubbleheaded Madison adds between Eisenberg and Stone is quickly squashed as the movie seems just too enamored with the pair to let any real divide linger. Luke Wilson shows up for a cup of coffee. Curiously Abigail Breslin barely returns, maybe having the clearest sense that a sequel wasn't necessary if she requested a smaller role before accepting.

Of course, what am I complaining about, it's a comedy designed to be broad and not for dorks like myself who ponder inane details like how all these places still have electricity. It's just when you're watching a sequel zeroing in a bit more instead of simply being more is always appreciated. Probably just the passage of time, how things become revered in hindsight, and this warmed over installment reaffirming that the now series is ultimately more concerned with laughs over horror or drama.

So it's funny enough and the end credits sequence with a surprise flashback alone adds a half star. Watched via Sony's Blu-ray.