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  • Killer Legends

    Killer Legends


    A decently edited, but rather brief, look at a few urban legends. The two documentarians are not particularly interesting and none of their interviews or original footage is very compelling, however. Still, it's a lurid look at old urban legends and you could definitely find worse made-for-TV docs on the subject.

  • The Wolverine

    The Wolverine


    I'm a big fan of Claremont/Miller's initial Wolverine miniseries and this film is, for the most part, as great as the comics. The choreography of the train scene alone makes this one of the best action films since the '90s. It stutters a bit towards the end when it focuses on a more traditional superhero moment (Logan fighting an admantium robot samurai) and a somewhat forced romance between Logan and Mariko, but it's easily the most "human" superhero film in a while, especially compared to the power-fests that were Iron Man 3, Avengers, and Man of Steel.