Naked ★★★½

First of all, sorry for being the party pooper. My expectations about Naked were really high, I have always thought this movie as a potential 5/5. However, it was not a great ride to be honest. 

Naked is about broken people’s broken lives. From the beginning to the end there are all types of people: different characters, different jobs, different problems, different stories... However, they have something similar. They are all broken. Our main character Johnny is also broken. His experiencing a existential crisis, his dark humor, jokes, behaviours, monologues (some of them were really perfect, especially the conversation he had with Brian in dark room.) make this movie not easy to watch, but I don’t see this as a bad thing. That dark and broken athmosphere got me into itself. These were all good. 

Despite all of these great things that I can say about this movie, I can’t say I love it, because I could not connect with any of the characters. Yes, the athmosphere was great and it took me into itself, but I could not care or feel for any of these broken people and their broken lives. Moreover, It can not be denied that this movie is basicly about character study, thus if you can not connect with the characters, probably you will not love Naked. Still, I definitely will give it another try, and I hope that will fix our problems.

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