Stalker ★★★★½

Andrei Tarkovsky’s philosophical masterpiece Stalker is about three glasses. A glass which looks very big and powerful but it has nothing inside and that makes it actually ordinary. Another glass which has weird objects, looks very complicated and confused. One last glass which has red liquid in it, looks very certain and determined.

Andrei Tarkovsky’s beautifully directed Stalker is about three different people which has three different and significative jobs. One of them is a writer who lives in a mansion, sees himself as a important man but he is not exactly sure wheather he is a important man or not. He wants to reach out through writing but he only finds out about his readers. One of them is a physicist who wants to quantify everything and measure the unknown of the zone, even meaning of the life. His motive is destroying zone with a bomb. Last of them is Stalker. He guides people who want to go to zone. He is very superstitous of the zone. He believes in room and its power to making wishes true, he also believes zone’s dangers. He has the power in zone. He knows its all rules, thus he is the only one who can escort people in zone. That’s the only thing I know about these characters. No names, no backgrounds. Therefore, it seems like they represent three important aspects of our lives. Art, science, faith. With these three characters or with these three aspects movie took me to the zone. While they are discovering the zone and keep going in zone I have done the same. I have believed like Stalker, I was frightened like the writer. I have questioned like the physicist and the writer. Their deep dialogues, doubts, arguments made the movie even better. For a Tarkovsky movie it was very accessible and fluent. Easily, it is my favorite Tarkovsky movie so far.

Movie’s athmosphere and cinematography were one of the best and memorable I have ever seen. Shooting the ‘real world’ scenes in yellow/black&white is a great idea. Because of that I was very uncomfortable and I love it. Especially in the first act which they trying to escape and access zone, real world was so disturbing and depressing that I want to access zone as soon as possible like the three main characters. After a long shot of writer’s face while they are going zone, I arrived zone and I felt like I was in a totally different, almost an utopic place. Quite, peaceful. Movie succeeded to give me the same feelings and thoughts of characters by its perfect athmosphere.

Overall, I had a chance to see one of the best movies of all time on big screen today. I feel so lucky. Moreover, I am very pleased because finally I love a Tarkovsky movie alongside Nostalgia. I hope, Sacrifice and Andrei Rublev will work for me like this one.

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