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  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    Oh, I love this. How come this is so good? It's my youth. I let my eyes wander, and my ears too, I give it my senses, and I get everything back soaked in magic. PDL seems to move around in the heart of its own private tempest, struggling against storms no one can see. It's frail and it's furious. Why would I find something new in a film I've seen around 25 times? I don't know, but it happened:…

  • Le Garçu

    Le Garçu


    Absolutely wonderful, touching beyond measure. Depardieu reprises his role in LOULOU here (it's as almost if Huppert decided to have that child and Depardieu got a high-paying job). The gracefulness of the script is particularly impressive; time seems to stretch, and Pialat can pack so much into the vacation sequences in Mauritius (they reminded me of Claire Denis and Doillon) and the shattered, Parisian domesticity. In a chronology of events that is seemingly random, the kid seems to be its…