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  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    A grand, lovely time at the movies. It's so hard to come by a film like this.

  • Dodsworth



    Gorgeous. It's terrific to revisit it after ~15 years. Blame it on my youth, a film like this can't be too powerful for a 16yo young man. Scenes in Italy are so McCarey-esque I'd love to add an extra 30 minutes of Huston & Astor just swimming, fishing, eating clams, talking about a life of adventures, riding lambrettas and vespas. Let's rewatch this one every 15 years, shall we?

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  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    Oh, I love this. How come this is so good? It's my youth. I let my eyes wander, and my ears too, I give it my senses, and I get everything back soaked in magic. PDL seems to move around in the heart of its own private tempest, struggling against storms no one can see. It's frail and it's furious. Why would I find something new in a film I've seen around 25 times? I don't know, but it happened:…

  • A Wolf at the Door

    A Wolf at the Door


    Good God, a great thriller from Brazil. Where did that come from?! It never sets its foot in Rio's South Zone, and it feels richer because of that. The more I think of the Leandra Leal's fully realized, upfront character the more I like her, especially because we know nothing about her, except for her name, that she has a mom and a dad (at least archetypically speaking), and that she's in love. The mix of frailty and cruelty is…