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  • Kill Bill: Vol. 2

    Kill Bill: Vol. 2


    Film #6 of October 2017 Scavenger Hunt
    Task #7: A film containing a big speech or monologue.

    About as good as part 1 and much more thoughtful, Uma Thurman gives an even better performance and David Carradine rocks it as the title character. The one flaw I have with this movie is the training flashback, I don't know what it was but I just didn't enjoy that scene

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  • American History X

    American History X


    Film #5 of October 2017 Scavenger Hunt
    Task #13: A film in which a robbery doesn't go to plan

    It's a solid movie but hardly the masterpiece IMDB says it is. The relationship between the brothers was really compelling and I got really invested in Derek's struggle for redemption. Of course Norton's performance was excellent but I wasn't sold on his characters reformation, sure the reason for him not being a hateful racist anymore was convincing but the complete change…

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    Film #2 of September 2017 Scavenger Hunt
    Task #19: A film starring an actor/actress you find attractive

    My second viewing. I think this will be a movie I need to rewatch whenever I'm feeling down, its so wonderfully hopeful and upbeat that it makes me feel the same way. It makes creating a great film look effortless. If he keeps this up Damien Chazelle will be one of my favourite directors in a few years (Haven't seen Whiplash yet). Emma…

  • Back to the Future

    Back to the Future


    Film #4 of October 2017 Scavenger Hunt
    Task #25: A film featuring an iconic car or famous driver

    Only the second time I've seen this and I can't believe it took me this long to rewatch. This is perfect, the start is exposition heavy but it sets up the rest of the plot so well that it doesn't come close to being a negative. I half-suspect that Zemeckis and co knew they were making an iconic and memorable film.

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