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  • City of God

    City of God



    So that was one crazy ride. I honestly forgot I was watching a professional production and not an amateur fluke, that's how ragged and fucked up this film feels a lot of the time. City of God feels so intensly real and therefore horrifying. Gives Game of Thrones a run for its money in terms of forcing your attachment to likeable characters before killing them off.

    Week 6: October 13th-19th
    South American Cinema Week

  • Booksmart



    From 90 to 100/100

    Why can't I just see that some things are perfect on my first watch, unless they already have that reputation? I can't remember why I gave this masterpiece anything less than a perfect score. I kept getting clips recommended on Youtube so it was clearly time for a rewatch and Booksmart is even more perfect than I remember. A top pick of my happy to be alive movies. I wish any of my friendships were as involved as Amy and Molly's, even with their toxic moments. So glad I can enjoy movies like this without the guilt of religious belief.

  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

    Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade



    Adventure perfection.

  • Once Upon a Time in the West

    Once Upon a Time in the West


    From a 99 to 100/100

    Watched it alone, a major improvement from the viewing with my family, since none of them "got" it at all. Touches on every aspect of the American frontier while being badass and beautiful.

  • Chernobyl




    Been watching this slowly for a couple of weeks, couldn't let my assignments interupt my appreciation of a masterpiece on this scale. It's just hard to put this absolute thing into words. At the end of the show it takes six full minutes just to follow up on all the people, and that really broke me. You get the faintest sense of the gravity of how effected so many people were out of one bad night.

  • Inception




    Been quite a few years since I've seen this. I was 12 when it came out and it was the first film that gave me the thought "This might be better than Star Wars". Still as awe-inspiring as ever, and I'm just now picking up on all the subtext about capitalism.

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    Film #19 of April 2019 Scavenger Hunt
    Task #11. Go to the LAST GENRE listed for Movie #10 and find another movie in that genre!


    Spent the Easter weekend with a mate who's a huge car guy who's been recommending this movie to me for ages, he was pretty happy when I suggested it. And I was pretty glad because Fury Road is a fucking masterpiece. Everyone involved in this is so committed to the utter madness.

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  • Justice League: Starcrossed

    Justice League: Starcrossed


    Apparently this is on Letterboxd so that's fun. One of the best episodes from my favourite tv show of all time. The action scenes reach a whole new level of intensity while the character dynamics change in amazing ways.

  • Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park


    Film #9 of April 2019 Scavenger Hunt
    Task #3. Go to a DIRECTOR for Movie #2 and find another movie from them!


    Since I've started giving numbered scores to movies this is the first time I've ever given 100 on a first viewing. That's right, I've never seen Jurassic Park before. I spent the first hour kinda furious at my folks for never letting me watch this but also I was a very easily intimidated child so that was…

  • The Last Samurai

    The Last Samurai


    An epic action film that's primarily about friendship. It's amazing that this thing exists in all it's glory.


  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War


    You'd think I'd get tired of so much of this on the fifth time around in less than a year, but hell no.

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    Had a cheap cinema ticket and there weren't any other new releases I want to see alone, so I took the opportunity to see this again, but legally. Unlike my solo viewing of Alita last week there was a decent crowd there, I was the only young person there amongst a crowd of middle aged to senior folks. It was fun to hear them all obviously enjoying the movie, laughing at all the sex jokes and stuff, especially since it's such a different movie from all the stuffy period dramas old people like my folks watch all the time.