Knives Out ★★★★½

One of the most fun times I’ve had at the movies this year. 

The cast in Knives Out is brilliant. Each of them gets a moment in the story to shine. Daniel Craig and Ana De Armas were particularly very good. It’s great to see Chris Evans as a much different character and he makes the most of it. Michael Shannon and Don Johnson played off of each other perfectly and their interactions were absolutely hilarious. 

The script is sooooo good. Although some one liners are unnecessary, most of them land. And the best weapon that most comedy directors fail to use, the callback, is used to its full potential in this film. 

The direction is top notch. Some of the shots in this film are the best I’ve seen this year. The tone, cinematography, and especially the score, were reminiscent of those cheesy murder mysteries that’ve been told for ages. 

As I’m an avid fan of murder mysteries, I felt like this film spoke to me. I felt like Rian Johnson was speaking to me. I felt like he was saying, “Alex, this is what can happen if you follow your dreams of becoming a filmmaker. You can make a film like this, and this love and passion for a 2 hour piece of art can be felt in the minds of audiences all across the world.” 

I will never forget Knives Out

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