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  • Underwater



    ''Underwater'' already has a generic story by itself, there are several films with the same theme, but if the theme is well worked out it can generate even satisfactory results, as it was with the good ''Life'' of 2017. But no, that's not the case here, at least not for me.

    The script is completely shallow and without any depth in its characters, which makes it difficult to care about any of them. It doesn't give any space to develop…

  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    After several controversies in the USA, and even being postponed, because President Trump had strongly criticized the work, even alleging that the film intended to "provoke chaos", I went to watch "The Hunt" expecting a satirical work acid and courageous. Well, I was wrong.

    The script seems to throw its information on the screen without cohesion, wanting to criticize a very specific group of people, and such criticism could have been better worked out, in my opinion. It has dialogues…

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  • Falling Down

    Falling Down


    A very interesting film with a clear critique of violence in the USA, serving as a reflective work that makes us think about our contemporary society and also a lot about fascism.

    The script is very intelligent, working well on how we see Michael Douglas's character, from the beginning even with a certain empathy - given the opportunity to identify with some situations experienced by him, after all, we've all had a bad day, right? - however, in the end…

  • 1917



    "1917" is a cinematic experience of an immersion that is spectacular, the way the direction of Sam Mendes manages to put us in the situations lived by the protagonist is of a unique cleverness and technique.

    The best way to summarize what "1917" is would be using as an example the film "Mad Max: Fury Road", because both have absurd technical splendours, being technically perfect and very well directed, however, both do not bet on a great script, with a…