Waves ★★★★½

A24: Why do you hate me so much?
Oscar 2020: Viewed at 10:33pm.

"Waves", besides being a completely immersive experience, is also a very beautiful film, both in its aesthetics and in its script. It's divided in two parts, the first shows a very heavy personal drama, because it deals with important subjects like abortion, family pressure, depression, among other things. For me, the first part worked perfectly, having no defects and achieving a very dynamic and balanced rhythm. The second part has a slower rhythm and not so impacting, and the transition from one part to the other was very sudden, at least for me. Still, the second part is very beautiful, knowing how to develop a lot of love between the characters in a light and introspective way.

Trey Edward Shults, has total control of the film he's directing, it's amazing how the use of the camera here is so significant for the story. The transition of the camera through the environment is at times smooth, delicate, and at other times more frenetic, helping a lot in the immersion of the viewer.

The technical part is wonderful, especially the soundtrack, which is VERY present in the plot, having great musical choices.
Aesthetically, too, it is one of the most beautiful works of the year, full of neon lights, cold and warm colors -very red and blue-, helping subtly in the emotion of the characters.

The cast, not to mention, is all very well, but for me, the highlight was Sterling K. Brown, who brought a strong, emotional and completely human interpretation -even better than Brad Pitt, for example, who will probably bring Best Supporting Actor, for Once upon a Time in Hollywood-.

"Waves" is aesthetically beautiful, has a great direction, a very good cast, and a soundtrack that talks to the plot and brings a sensational immersion that only cinema is able to provide.