• Stepmom



    Extremely boring story that you have heard of hundred times.

  • 1½ Knights - In Search of the Ravishing Princess Herzelinde

    1½ Knights - In Search of the Ravishing Princess Herzelinde


    Trashig af, aber irgendwie dann doch teilweise lustig. Man muss auch sagen, dass hier tatsächlich eine nachvollziehbare Story aufgetischt wird. Es wird wirklich etwas... Außergewöhnliches geboten und das in hoher Qualität. Ich weiß nicht, wer sowas produziert, der sich nicht einfach nur langweilt, aber ich find's einfach cool. Es sollte mehr Filme geben, wo einfach was gemacht wird, worauf man Bock hat als Mitwirkender.

  • Rosaline



    Boring, unfunny and a weird mix between modern and this old times.

  • Pitch Perfect

    Pitch Perfect


    Highschool teen movie with a lot skips... I expected this to be like you know... Camp Rock and stuff but it's... Less I have to say. There's no working out, no big love story or journey at all. It just happens. Music is good yeah but idk that's it.

  • Aquaman



    Silly and very cheap...

    What do we wanna do? Mh, Marvel with

  • Dark Blue Girl

    Dark Blue Girl


    Krass. Ein Kind, das so vernarrt in ihren Vater ist, dass sie sogar Eifersucht auf die eigene Mutter fühlt. Sehr heftige Aussagen von dem Kind, und auch generell, was in diesem Kopf so vor sich geht...

    Dachte es passiert noch mehr am ende. Irgendwelche tragischen turning points.

  • Bedtime Stories

    Bedtime Stories


    Good family movie with it's typical silly things (and a quite unrealistic happy happy end)

  • The Ring Two

    The Ring Two


    This if terrifying af...
    Prelogue is sh*t and has nothing to do with the movie. It answers some questions left from the first part but the story still isn't completely told. Makes an end to the story tho.

  • The Mule

    The Mule


    Puh. Quite boring.

    An old man priorities job over family, loses his job, becomes a mule and changes his life after the love of his life is extremely ill and dies.
    He is hunted by the police but not him directly, a nobody is hunted, and gets caught.

    Not very deep, the message is repeated 10 times and there's no action at all.

  • The Ring

    The Ring


    Hope the books are better or... Are the movies connected?

    It's an unfinished story. Many question, nothing is explained - why the tv? Why does she kill people? What does she want?

    An adopted girl is killed by her new mother who got crazy. She is released from her grave and nothing has changed - or has it? Maybe in part 2.

  • Senior Year

    Senior Year


    A girl awakes from coma after 20 years and is the same 17 year old girl just in an old body (yes, it's that silly).

    Apart from that it could've been funnier and more lost. It's just a happy ending high school thingy.

  • The Art of War

    The Art of War


    Nothing you haven't seen before. Good shots and bullets.
    Cheap story. Ofc it was her and him.