Some disjointed thoughts only cuz that's all this movie was anyway

The poster was even a fucking question mark cuz they didn't know what the hell this was about either

Someone literally says "this is just like 'Get Out'" *insert Sandy meme* NO YOU AINT

This cast is great, stacked honestly, so wasting them all here is just so fucking sad. T.I. especially, I love seeing him in anything, but he couldn't even save this. Joseph Sikora does not work as the main character here, I'm sorry, it probably isn't his fault, but woof. I was immediately pissed seeing King Bach in here but less pissed than I was seeing him in Greenland.

I've weirdly seen a lot of Deon Taylor's movies, and they've all been "fine" with the exception of 'The Intruder's which I enjoyed a lot. So this one evens it all out again, like Deon what were we doing with this. I was hoping it would be camp bad but it's just boring bad. No scares, nothing you haven't seen a thousand times, no message to add, awful special effects, and an ending that makes no sense and breaks pattern from the boring to be just terribly edited, what the fuck was that. Someone hears 3 numbers and knows that shit is from like Isaiah?? 419 could be any book chapter 4:19? Or 41:9? It's like the shit that doesn't work in any other demon movie works here because reasons. Nothing to see here, pass.

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