Alice Through the Looking Glass ★★

Almost completely abandons the odd darkness of its predecessor in favor of... vibrant blandness. And as it’s aesthetic and tone are watered down, so has its stress (funnily enough, all three are below average).
(The Stress Ratings List)

Personal Rating: 4
From what I gather, there are two camps of people who hate this movie. The first are the people who already despised Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and found this to be equally as annoying. The second are the people who enjoyed Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and believe that this movie ruins the characters and world it set up. I belong to camp two! All these characters I’ve cherished over the years are just... hollow now thanks to this incredibly lackluster script (and also Depp’s cringeworthy performance). This whole movie is exactly how I described it in the stress rating: ‘vibrantly bland.’ Not even short hair Mia Wasikowska in a sea captain outfit saves it. Actually it does a little bit. But that’s beside the point!

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