American Psycho ★★★

Bateman must’ve been studying horror movies with how good he is at making a scene have so much tension. And the movie only gets more stressful as he gets more insane.
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Personal Rating: 6.5
I think I have a unconscious tendency not to be controversial with ratings, just out of a human desire to fit in, however I think I’m gonna try to be a bit more honest from now on. I really did not care much for American Psycho. I think it’s definitely well made, and I can certainly appreciate it for its many iconic quotes and scenes (loved the one with the business cards), but it just did not resonate with me at all. Christian Bale does a great job playing his character, as does everyone else, but this type of story just wasn’t for me. And yes, if this is one of your favorite movies, I’m 100% going to judge you for it.

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