Enemy ★★★½

A good word to describe the experience of this film is uneasy. From the sickly color pallete to its slow-but-stressful story, that word fits it the most. Enemy feels incredibly uneasy. 
(The Stress Ratings List)

Personal Rating: 7.5
I didn’t really mean to end up in a Villenueve kick but, well, here I am! Enemy is the fourth movie I’ve seen from him, and though I think it’s pretty good, it’s probably my least favorite of the four at the moment. I can tell that this is a movie where you’re supposed to put together the clues and figure out what it all meant, but once it was over, I just wasn’t interested enough to do so. Jake Gyllenhaal was awesome, as were the visuals, and I’m sure the overall meaning of this movie is too, but it just didn’t quite click for me. Still very much worth the watch, though.