In Bruges ★★★★

A heavy film dealing with guilt and morality masquerading as a dark comedy, In Bruges is far from a happy walk through the park. Prepare for some laughs and a fair bit of stress. 
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Personal Rating: 8
I’d love to stop giving out so many four star ratings, but damnit, I just keep on watching great movies! I remember watching a video on In Bruges a while back (when I was just watching video essays instead of the movies), so I already had a decent idea of what I was getting into, however I still felt shocked with every turn. Loved the characters in this movie, from their writing to the actors portraying them, and the lovely soundtrack from Carter Burwell was a big plus. Not every joke lands for me (I’m not as big on edgy humor these days), and it takes a bit to get going, but I’d still definitely recommend this. Also: I really wanna go to ‘fucking Bruges’ now.