It's Such a Beautiful Day ★★★★½

Personal Rating: 9?

On my first watch, It's Such a Beautiful Day filled me with a profound kind of anxiety and discomfort, a feeling I recognized but didn't exactly know where from. This compelled me to watch the movie again, and since then I've come to terms with the fact that watching this feels like watching my brain at 4AM desperately trying to mull over everything that happened during the day while also trying to go to sleep, a perfect confusion that somehow always leads towards thinking of death. Once you realize that, the stress looks a lot more beautiful. This movie isn't perfect, although arguably that's on purpose. I can't really tell if I enjoyed it just fine or if I absolutely am in love with it. Experimental film making is like that, I've come to understand. I'll probably never see anything like this ever again, Don Hertzfeldt is probably a genius, and I probably need therapy. All I know for certain is that this movie is worth the $3.99 rental on Vimeo.